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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What type of movement do Divex watches have?

A. All our watches use quartz crystal and battery to keep accurate time without the need for winding.

Q. What size are Divex watches?

  • Ladies watches are 30mm diameter*
  • Mens watches are 40mm diameter*

*Dial diameter

Q. How water resistant are Divex watches?

A. Designed for professional divers, our watches are rated to either 200 or 500 metre depth ratings depending on the model chosen. This means both types are suitable for pool swimming and casual diving while the 500 metre watches will remain water resistant during deep sea diving.

Q. Does my watch come with a guarantee?

A. Our watches come with a standard 12 month guarantee from the date of purchase. Guarantees cover watch movements but not straps as these are subject to general wear and tear.

Q. Where can I buy replacement straps?

A. Replacement straps for our watches can be purchased from most watch retailers or jewellers.

Q. How should I best look after my Divex watch?

  • Use a soft slightly damp cloth to clean the watch case and strap
  • Avoid contact with magnets
  • Avoid contact with chemicals or cleaning agents
  • Do not immerse your watch in hot water as this can cause damage to the gaskets/seals
  • Help protect the crystal by avoiding walls or objects which may cause scratches

Q. What is the returns policy?

A. If for any reason you’re not satisfied with your purchase, simply return it within 30 days and we will either exchange it or offer you a refund. Read JFD’s returns policy.